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Welcome to the 28 Day Healthy Hair Journey!


The Healthy Hair Journey is an online guided experience created by Simeko Hartley, aka The Natural Hair Care Coach to help women learn to love, care for, and grow their beautiful naturally textured hair in 28 days.


This professionally guided journey is JUST $10 and includes a weekly email, with a daily activity for each day of the week and a FREE Healthy Hair Journal to help you log your experiences and build healthy hair habits.  So, please be sure to check your inbox each week, for the next 4 weeks and do only ONE activity per day to really get the most out of your journey to healthier happier hair! -


How the Healthy Hair Journey Works


Who?   Women who are thinking about transitioning, in the process of transitioning or completely natural and want professional guidance on how to truly love, care for, grow and style their OWN beautiful naturally kinky, coily, curly hair.  


When?  Now! All you have to do is sign up right HERE


How?  During the Healthy Hair Journey:  you will receive a weekly email with daily activity for the next 4 weeks.

This guided journey will teach you how to OWN YOUR NATURAL by increasing your understanding of what products and styles work best for YOUR hair and creating the best healthy hair care habits in 28 days. 


What To Look Forward To?

  • Week 1: Your "Healthy Hair" Growth Mindset

  • Week 2: Your "Healthy Hair" Diet

  • Week 3: Your "Healthy Hair" Care Plan (Building A Regimen)

  • Week 4: Your "Healthy Hair" Care Plan (Styling & Maintenance)


Why?  With so much misinformation out there, women are looking for guidance from a Natural Hair Care Professional who genuinely want to share their passion, knowledge, and experience to help them along their hair care journey.  So, I created the 28 Day Healthy Hair Journey in response to YOU, the many women who have reached out to me for help with learning how to properly care for, style, and grow their OWN hair. 


MY Goal: Is simply, to guide each one of you on your journey to achieving the healthiest hair possible. I am passionate about empowering women just like you to OWN YOUR NATURAL!


As a member of the 28 Day Healthy Hair Journey, you are invited to a private FB where other women are there to connect, encourage, share, and celebrate with you throughout your journey and beyond.


Together,  Let's Love, Learn & Own What God Has Blessed Us With.............KINKY, COILY, CURLY HAIR!! 



Your Natural Hair Care Coach,

Simeko Hartley

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