The Natural 2 Natural podcast is dedicated to bringing women together to connect, share, cultivate a love for our beautiful kinky, coily, curly textured hair. And, to provide advice and tips from passionate hair care experts, like me, to guide them on their journey.


Intro to the Natural 2 Natural Podcast! This episode sets the stage for what our loyal listeners can look forward to throughout their journey.  


Her Hair-Story w/ Christian Wright of Blaxit Global US


In this episode, Chrishan shares her hair journey and how at 13, she convinced her mom to allow her to relax her hair, which later she realized was a big mistake. She decided to go natural until she was 31, then went back to the creamy crack when she entered Corporate America, only to cry her eyes out.  


We all have been affected in one way or another by this pandemic.  


In this episode, I share


Her Hair-Story w/ Allyson Springett of Mystique Natural


Allyson's natural hair journey started when my white male endocrinologist asked me why black women relax their hair. 

She explained to him the challenges we faced with our hair, not just the maintenance but the discrimination in schools and the workplace. The conversation got so deep when he began to breakdown why the chemicals were no good for our hair.. 

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