How To Choose The Best Products For YOUR Hair.....

Most, if not all, product brand companies promise specific results for your hair if you use their products….which can consist of anything from growing your hair, making your hair thicker, to repairing split ends and making your hair softer and more manageable.

But how can you, the consumer, know if your products really can do what it says it will do for YOUR hair?!

Here are 3 simple steps to help you choose the best products for your hair


Just because your hair looks a lot like someone else, doesn't mean you can use the same products they use and get the same results they get. This is because your hair may look the same but the state and condition of your hair is completely different. And knowing & understanding the state and condition of your hair will help you determine which products will meet your hair care needs.


Once you know what your hair needs are, now you can address them with the right natural ingredients. Did you noticed I said "right natural ingredients"?! This is because there is a big difference between natural ingredients and chemical ingredients. Natural ingredients reverse and heal while chemical ingredients cover and mask. And yes, it may take longer to see results when using natural ingredients but the results are longer lasting.


It's not enough to just look at the front label when choosing a product….THAT'S ALL MARKETING!

You need to read the ingredient list on the back to really see what is really in the product and where the key, most beneficial, ingredients are on the list. If the key ingredients are at the very bottom of the ingredient list, then rest assure, there is not enough of it in the product for you to truly benefit from it. The key, most beneficial, ingredients should ALWAYS be at the top of the ingredient list which means that most of that product will consist of what you need.

What ingredients are at the top of your product list?!

Naturally Yours,

Simeko Hartley

The Natural Hair Care Coach

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